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A friend with photoshop is all you need

Jimmy is a good guy – I like him, he works in security and trains MMA. Which means if he can’t gain access to your server, he’ll simply beat the password out of you. Then he posted this picture on twitter in a cowboy hat.  As they say, a little photoshop is a dangerous thing…

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Here’s full disclosure – now no disclosure

Full disclosure has announced it’s shutting down. Even people far more capable than me are trying to comprehend why. One of the key grievances cited by John as to why Full Disclosure is being shut down was the constant battling against trolls – even from within the security community. It raises a number of interesting…

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The Cyber Security Skills Gap

Monday morning and RSA 2014 has not even properly started but there I was up on stage in front of a rather packed room. Feeling jet-lagged and wishing I had more caffeine in my system, I was glad that I was simply moderating a panel which included Dwayne Melancon, Andy Ellis, Jane Lute and Mike…

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The top amazing people you should know about

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a thing. Well, I’m not too sure how big a thing it is now, but it used to be huge. The concept was / is that if you sneak the right words onto your website or blog post, then people searching for that particular term will end up coming…

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(ISC)2 election and the butterfly effect

It had been a busy day at work and I was glad to be home. My wife had told me she’d be taking the kids out after school to a friends house so I knew no-one was home – yet I still announced loudly “Hello, I’m home.” We had been burgled a few months earlier…

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RANTing Rockstar

The monthly RANT in London that is always good entertainment. It must have been eating its greens because it’s all grown up and had its first full on conference. If you want a proper review you can read write ups by Thom Langford or Lee Munson. I was looking forward to attending, and was honoured to be…

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Memoirs of BSides London and Infosec Europe 2013

Warning: this is a long post, if you don’t want to read it all then watch this short recap video, otherwise read on.   Even though it was summer, the sun had long set. It was late and getting chilly. My feet were numb and I was feeling the ill effects of 3 days of…

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AV “Really” dead now says security expert

London – New research published by another security expert who coincidently works for an anti anti-virus company (AAV) has declared anti-virus to be really dead. An AAV spokesman said, “We threw everything we could think of at the laptop. chickenpox, foot and mouth, influenza, yellow fever, you name it and none of the products detected…

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Santa gets hacked – the aftermath

Last year we suffered the biggest data breach known to man. We caught up with the company 12 months after that tragic incident to see how that data breach has affected them and changed them as a whole.   Santa Gets Hacked – Aftermath from Twist and Shout on Vimeo. In case you missed last…

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Seasons Greetings

We outsourced our greeting card this year to a professional marketing company company. As part of the suggested monetization strategy, we can’t be giving away stuff for free anymore! Enjoy  

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