• Santa gets hacked – the aftermath

    Last year we suffered the biggest data breach known to man. We caught up with the company 12 months after that tragic incident to see how that data breach has affected them and changed them as a whole.


    Santa Gets Hacked – Aftermath from Twist and Shout on Vimeo.

    In case you missed last years video, this is it:


    Santa Gets Hacked! from Twist and Shout on Vimeo.


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  • 8 Films that needed better security

    Many times its difficult to illustrate the benefits of following good information security advice. Company’s tend to keep quiet about their failings so there are few case study’s available to analyse.

    But not to fear, the cynic has improvised and analysed 8 movies whose entire outcomes could have been changed had some simple infosec guidelines been adhered to.

    Minority report

    The scene:

    Tom Cruise gains access to his workplace (then his wife gains access to the prison cells) using his old eyes after he’s been on the run and subsequently imprisoned.

    Infosec Analysis

    The auditors at precrime HQ should have been fired. Any users account and access must be disabled as soon as the access is no longer required. Whether that be when someone moves departments, resigns, or gets fired and becomes a fugitive from the law. So to have Tom Cruise’s eye still grant him access to all areas of the building is unforgivable.

    Independence Day

    The scene:

    Alien invaders are successfully repelled when plucky geek Jeff Goldblum uploads a computer virus to the alien mothership, disabling the attacking ships’ protective force fields and allowing the combined military of the entire world to take them all down at once.

    Goldblum’s character does this using an Apple Macintosh Powerbook 5300.

    Infosec Analysis

    The fact that the operating systems of an alien mothership over 500 kilometres wide, thousands of years more advanced than anything humanity has yet created, large and sophisticated enough to support an entire alien civilisation, should be compatible with Mac OS is bad enough. However, not running a decent anti-virus, firewall and leaving their wireless internet on is just plain sloppy.

    If any aliens read this and need some advice on how to secure their system, just beam me up.