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A friend with photoshop is all you need

Jimmy is a good guy – I like him, he works in security and trains MMA. Which means if he can’t gain access to your server, he’ll simply beat the password out of you. Then he posted this picture on twitter in a cowboy hat.  As they say, a little photoshop is a dangerous thing…

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The greatest story ever told

It’s December – and it’s kind of a tradition that every year I get together with the fine folk at Twist and shout to make a Christmas video. This year, however we decided to do something different, so along with my Host Unknown companions Thom and Andy, we set out to do something serious that…

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Keyboard Gladiator

On my command (line) – Unleash Hell   Keyboard warriors are so last year… now keyboard gladiators – that’s something I could get behind!  

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Seasons Greetings

We outsourced our greeting card this year to a professional marketing company company. As part of the suggested monetization strategy, we can’t be giving away stuff for free anymore! Enjoy  

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RSA Europe 2012 hazy thoughts

RSA Europe 2012 has come to an end. It will be a memorable conference because I got the chance to be part of a panel debating whether users should be given infosec awareness training or not. It was an enjoyable experience and I can update my profile to say I’ve spoken at RSA – does…

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Tips for London visitors

If you’re visiting London for the Olympics or maybe a conference and you’re looking around this charming city, there are a few things you need to know to enjoy your trip and if you value your safety: 1. Don’t be correcting us on the names of things. We call them pavements (sidewalks) bins (trash cans)…

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Security Myths

I was speaking with Tripwire about how we have some great European information security professionals who haven’t seemed to ever get featured in any of their crowd sourced articles. So they kindly offered me the chance to write one for them picking the best of what Europe has to offer. The topic we agreed upon…

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What do you call Blackhat in Amsterdam?

This is my mandatory, “look at me I’m at BlackHat Europe” post. Usually I’ll hide myself away at conferences in the back row and hear out all the talks because I find it much easier to talk about security when I’m alone with my camera in my room. It was my first Blackhat and in…

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Part of the family

You may have heard me gloating saying that I’m off to Blackhat Europe in Amsterdam. The kind folk at Netpeas are sponsoring and Infosec Island are sending me as one of them. It kind of feels like being welcomed into a family. I’ll be at Blackhat introducing myself as being from the Island even though…

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Going Creative Commons

I get a lot of feedback on my videos. One of the most common questions I get asked is whether someone can use a particular video of mine in a presentation they are doing internally at work or at a conference etc. It’s become a familiar process, I get an email from someone who starts…