• Don’t vote for me

    With infosec around the corner, the European Security Blogger Awards is imminent. If you’re a blogger, you’re eligible to nominate your favourite security blogger, podcast, and corporate security blog here.

    If you’re wondering what kind of people I’d want to see nominated, I’d say, Holly Graceful, Stuart Winter-Tear, Steve Lord’s Raw Hex, Ryan Dewhurst, Robin Wood, Paul Moore, and others.

    Hope to meet some of you at Infosec, BsidesLondon, or indeed at the Blogger Awards!


  • Android Malware

    We often hear of the latest and greatest malware that targets android phones. However, many can be avoided by following simple steps such as not rooting your device or downloading files from dodgy sources.

    Matt Roxburgh inspired this video with this tweet on a common way malware gets on android phone with this image.



    I felt that the scenario would play itself well into a sitcom environment. After all, if you can’t laugh at these issues, what can you do?