• Best conference swag

    What’s the best or most useful free conference swag you’ve ever received? Here’s my countdown of my favourite five.

    T-shirts and laptop stickers were excluded from the running because there are far too many to pick from. After making the video, I did start finding other little thingsĀ that I could have mentioned. Typically, I’ve found that travel items such as portable chargersĀ or multi-combination leads work quite well.

  • Spiceworld London

    Spiceworld London has nothing to do with the Spice Girls and everything to do with Spiceworks. It’s their annual conference and my first time attending.

    Having only been embedded within the spiceworks community for a short while, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I guess I was cautiously optimistic. But found it to be a good event. More importantly, the actual spiceworks community forums are really good with some great conversations taking place without the usual, “yo mama” insults.