I’m pretty easy to contact most of the time. If you just want to connect and share the occasional social message then follow the social media links for twitter @J4vv4D, linkedin or Facebook.

For longer chats or to exchange literary works of art, you may want to

Email: [email protected]

A chat over coffee

Despite the advancements in technology that allows us to connect thousands of miles apart, nothing beats a good old face to face chat. Maybe you want to share some ideas on videos, or pick my brains on a security topic, want to offer me a job, or just are lonely in London. Where possible a chin wag over a coffee is a good idea. I am a fan of the travel-buyer method where if you travel to meet me, I’ll buy the coffee, but if I travel to meet somewhere closer to you, then you buy it.

Say hello at a conference

One of the best places to get some face to face time is at a conference. One day I may get to listing where and when I’ll be. You can try to locate me via 451 Research Analyst tracker  which should have a list of most places I’ll be.