Disclaimers are for wimps.

Of course all the ideas, views and opinions published on J4vv4D.com and associated youtube channel, twitter account, Facebook page, linkedin updates, myspace, geocities website and Skype are mine… Is there anyone else crazy enough to spout such grandiloquence?

It’s a sad state of affairs when one has to resort to adding such disclaimers to their online social life. It reminds me of a time back around 1999 when I was on a course, it was possibly a windows NT4.0 admin or maybe the Core technologies course. The tutor commented at that time regarding the internet that we were in the ‘golden era’. He said how anything goes and we are free to do what we want because it hasn’t really been effectively monetised. He foresaw a time when more financial transactions took place that it would become far more regulated and strict and that we would not have half the freedom we had before… I wonder if he remembers saying that.