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Understanding realities

In between all the politics and memes on twitter, you sometimes come across a genuinely interesting security conversation. My friend Quentyn Taylor, who happens to be a CISO poasted this tweet that generated a lot of great commentary. and for those infosec people who just say “upgrade all your legacy”…well someday you too may work […]

GDPR Mind Map

I’ve been reading up on GDPR lately and frequently use mind maps to organise my thoughts. So, I thought I’d share the interactive mind map I created for GDPR with its 11 chapters, 99 articles and 187 recitals. Let me know if I’ve missed anything or should amend for clarity.


Alien Eye in the Sky

A lot went down – some stories in the video and a ton of interesting links below. Enjoy!   Stories in Video Tesco Bank Hacked Adult Friend Finder hack Facebook buyingstolen passwords IP Bill set to becomelaw Other interesting stories   Cyber Security Challenge UK crowns youngest ever champion GCHQ wants internet providers to rewrite systems […]


As if blogging and making videos wasn’t enough. I’ve wanted to stretch my creative legs for a while and dip a toe into the world of podcasting. So, I jumped at the opportunity when there was the chance to start a new podcast at AlienVault. The AlienVault Security Perspectives is out, with the first episode […]

How to protect your business from a security attack

Recently, I caught up with Priority One IT Support to provide advice to business owners on how they can protect their business from a security attack. A glance at the media will show that attacks are not only on the rise, but the types of companies under attack are also varied. Whereas previously only the […]


Things I hearted – no more

Things I hearted has been probably one of the most regular series of posts I’ve done in recent times. At the same time, I was doing a weekly roundup over at my AlienVault blog. So, in the interest of saving time, energy, and preserving my youthful good looks; I decided to not only combine both […]

Things I hearted Last Week

For the week ending 25th September 2016   On one hand vendors want users to patch their systems and keep them secure. On the other hand, actions like this causes people to not want to apply official updates.   North Korea just accidentally turned on global zone transfers for their top level domains, archive of […]