Santa gets hacked – the aftermath

Last year we suffered the biggest data breach known to man. We caught up with the company 12 months after that tragic incident to see how that data breach has affected them and changed them as a whole.   Santa Gets Hacked – Aftermath from Twist and Shout on Vimeo. In case you missed last […]


8 Films that needed better security

Many times its difficult to illustrate the benefits of following good information security advice. Company’s tend to keep quiet about their failings so there are few case study’s available to analyse. But not to fear, the cynic has improvised and analysed 8 movies whose entire outcomes could have been changed had some simple infosec guidelines […]



Back in the early 70’s the phenomenon of “blaxploitation” (black exploitation) movies were made. However, in today’s modern day, the media has gotten a hold of a new genre to exploit, one that transcends race or colour. It’s the world of security. Information security to be precise, as it sounds a lot more civilised than […]

A New Hope

From an IP address far far away, after going through some trademark issues my all new kick-ass website is up and running again! Oh I just realised, I used the word kick-ass which probably means the makers of the film kick-ass are going to try and shut me down for using the word without permission. […]