Undermining security and weakening Android

I have Amazon Prime, I quite like their shows, and whenever I have some time to kill I’ll watch an episode or 3. A couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be a good idea to install the official Amazon video app on my android device, so that I could download episodes and watch […]


When culture eats awareness for breakfast

European startup CLTRe founded by Kai Roer has spent the last couple of years examining the security awareness and user behaviour problem through the lens of security culture. Based on findings over the course of 2016, CLTRe has produced its first annual Security Culture report, co-written by Roer and Gregor Petric, Ph.D., an Associate Professor […]


The Growing Impact of Security Researchers

I’ve followed Scott Helme’s work for a while now and have been impressed with his approach. So was interested to find out that he had teamed up with BBC Click and Prof Alan Woodward to comprehensively dismantle a vendors claim to total security. Scott has published the whole story on his blog and The BBC Click […]

Make your vote count

The prestigious European Security Blogger awards are upon us. For those unfamiliar with the European Security blogger awards, it’s an award ceremony for bloggers who specialise in security and reside in Europe – at least that what I hope it means. I am fortunate enough to have made it into the finals in five of […]


How to Fake Monitoring

You’re the new guy in the security ops team, they’re giving you training and put you on a very crucial and important job… Monitoring. You’ll be told how important the job is and how it is essential to be done correctly to ensure the ongoing safety of the company. But you notice that nobody really […]


Infosec Friends

For all the talk about it being an echo chamber and the like, I’ve met a ton of people in security whom I otherwise wouldn’t have. As I was pondering over this over breakfast one morning, I came to the conclusion that I end up grouping my infosec friends into different categories. They probably look […]

CISSP Reloaded–Domain 8: BCP and DR

This is the 8th part on my CISSP Reloaded where I am revisiting the 10 CISSP domains I studied for many years ago to see what has changed and how much of it I have retained as well as adding in my own personal thoughts, experiences and rambles into the mix. Read the other domains […]