Tactical Edge, Colombia

I always get excited when I get to travel to new places and meet interesting people as part of my job. To say I was extremely excited and humbled to have been invited to attend Tactical Edge in Bogota, Colombia would be an understatement. However, as the days drew closer, I found that fewer of my […]

Alien Eye in the Sky: Ep 5

After a hiatus of a week while I was attending Tactical Edge in Colombia – I’m back with a roundup. Stories in the video http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/10/24/chinese_firm_recalls_webcams_over_mirai_botnet_infection_ddo… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-37761868 https://www.veracode.com/blog/managing-appsec/do-you-use-open-source-components-find-out-what-our-la… https://www.ft.com/content/ed9ff168-9b03-11e6-8f9b-70e3cabccfae (may require subscription to read) https://www.wired.com/2015/07/jeep-hack-chrysler-recalls-1-4m-vehicles-bug-fix/ Other interesting links Independent researchers have confirmed MedSec’s findings, including hack to zap someone’s heart (PDF) Surveillance Evasion 15 hacker kids under 15 […]

IoT botnets – an open letter to manufacturers

I blogged something about Mirai over on the AlienVault blog. But that didn’t ease my pain, so I went and made a video as a kind of open letter to manufacturers.

Behavioral Monitoring

I wrote a whole blog to accompany this video – you can read it here TL;DR? Behavioral monitoring is more about finding out what’s normal than not.  

Alien Eye In the Sky – Weekly roundup – Ep 2

It’s been a busy week in the land of information security. But don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered in our roundup. Links to stories in video: Ransomware operator shut down Stealing an AI Nobody is bidding on shadowbrokers files US government IP address contract ends Don’t be Yahoo Verizon wants $1bn discount You don’t […]

Singing for the Unsung Heroes of IT Security

Security Serious Week is five days dedicated to helping UK businesses understand the importance of information security. It consists of a one-day conference, the unsung heroes awards, and over 50 webinars, amongst other activities. AlienVault was a proud sponsor of the 2016 Unsung Heroes Award, and so I went along to check it out.. The […]


Things I hearted – no more

Things I hearted has been probably one of the most regular series of posts I’ve done in recent times. At the same time, I was doing a weekly roundup over at my AlienVault blog. So, in the interest of saving time, energy, and preserving my youthful good looks; I decided to not only combine both […]