BBC Click and Tweetchats

Spent a day with the BBC, and hosted a tweetchat. Just an ordinary day, no biggie.Link to the tweetchat moment:

Tweetchat blog isn’t about, but keep your eye on for info

RANT, Steelcon, and that shirt!

One man, two conferences, three days.

The conferences

My band, Host Unknown

The Ransomware Song

It’s a parody deliberately intended to be as bad as possible as a form of artistic expression depicting the state of security in the world today set against the backdrop of the rise of ransomware. Seeking to answer the mysteries of humans, life, and the universe.

Why hacking will increase

A theory based on macroeconomic factors. Clearly, bad people that want to do bad things will always find a way.

Not talking about Petya

Definitely not talking about Petya

$1m Ransomware

If you were asked to pay a million dollars to get your files back… would you?

Things I learnt from Wolf

If you don’t know Wolf Goerlich, you should check out his youtube channel. He started less than 2 years ago making short security videos during his commute to work.

This method of utilising his commute time for something practical, coupled with his consistency has allowed him to build up a large collection of, well effectively free consultancy.

I think I can learn from these traits… and possibly apply them to security.