Alien Eye In the Sky – Weekly roundup – Ep 2

It’s been a busy week in the land of information security. But don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered in our roundup. Links to stories in video: Ransomware operator shut down Stealing an AI Nobody is bidding on shadowbrokers files US government IP address contract ends Don’t be Yahoo Verizon wants $1bn discount You don’t […]

Singing for the Unsung Heroes of IT Security

Security Serious Week is five days dedicated to helping UK businesses understand the importance of information security. It consists of a one-day conference, the unsung heroes awards, and over 50 webinars, amongst other activities. AlienVault was a proud sponsor of the 2016 Unsung Heroes Award, and so I went along to check it out.. The […]


Things I hearted – no more

Things I hearted has been probably one of the most regular series of posts I’ve done in recent times. At the same time, I was doing a weekly roundup over at my AlienVault blog. So, in the interest of saving time, energy, and preserving my youthful good looks; I decided to not only combine both […]

NCSAM week 1 – Assets

It’s NCSAM – National Cyber Security Awareness Month. So I am doing one theme a week for AlienVault on a good practice that companies should adopt. For week 1, I’ve decided to talk about assets. Video is embedded, and you can read the entire blog post about why assets over on the AlienVault blog.

500 million accounts

I felt it was time to get back on the video saddle on a regular basis (famous last words). You can probably tell I’m rusty because the sound peaks are all off – I think the onboard mic on my Drift camera is a bit old. But the big news has been around Yahoo and […]

Infosec Star

Being a RockStar isn’t easy. Just ask Nickleback, they’ve faced harsh criticisms for many years… and for what? But that’s a walk in a park compared to being an Infosec Star.  

The Grand Canyon, Grand Roadtrip

There are two things I’ve been wanting to do for a while. One is to visit the Grand Canyon, and the second is to start a podcast. Adrian and I have actually spoken about doing a podcast of sorts for a long time. We’ve even recorded 4 episodes, but each were considered inadequate for public […]