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I’m a man… no I mean a REAL man. You know like how men are supposed to be. Rugged, hairy, carry a stick around, enticed by the thrill of the hunt and expect my woman to stay at home to cook, clean and look after the babies. To get an idea of my ultra manliness […]

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Back in the early 70’s the phenomenon of “blaxploitation” (black exploitation) movies were made. However, in today’s modern day, the media has gotten a hold of a new genre to exploit, one that transcends race or colour. It’s the world of security. Information security to be precise, as it sounds a lot more civilised than […]

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When you’re as awesome as me, people often wonder what my weakness is? Many have tried exposing me to microwave radiation, second hand smoke and even mobile phones, but to no avail. However, today, I’ve been exposed to something which I truly believe pushed me to my absolute limits. Getting hit by a speeding locomotive […]

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Some colleagues recently attended a cloud computing seminar somewhere in London which was… how can I put it? A little light on fact and heavy on sales pitches and ra ra ra! (as most cloud computing is these days). The next day, they were sent an email asking to provide their feedback. This is a […]

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Not withstanding the fact that I am a model of fitness that all men aspire to emulate, I know exercise is good for me, I know eating junk food is bad and that I need to improve my posture when crashing through walls. The problem generally lies with a lack of motivation. After all, little […]

Your prayers have been answered. Team Cynic finished their missions successfully. Success being the fact that everyone on the team made it back safe and sound. Well they would with me being the illustrious leader. Surprising them all with a super-human feat of driving from Venice, through Switzerland and France and back to London in […]

If you’re here for your daily dose of …. whatever this website provides you. Then you may suffer withdrawal symptoms over the next few days because I’m off with team cynic raising money for the NSPCC’s Childine, in a daring rally from London to France, across Switzerland and onto Venice in a car that cost […]

From an IP address far far away, after going through some trademark issues my all new kick-ass website is up and running again! Oh I just realised, I used the word kick-ass which probably means the makers of the film kick-ass are going to try and shut me down for using the word without permission. […]