I can now tick RSA off the list of major conferences I have yet to attend. With near continuous back to back meetings, severe jet-lag, a gathering of a ton of great people, lots of walking and hardly any sleep made it one of the most demanding conferences I have attended as an analyst… but, it was still tremendous fun. Of course, fun is a loosely defined term, and I suppose I can sum it up by saying that the people who attended were awesome and always a pleasure to meet with.

Having said that, right now, I’m more than happy to not travel anywhere for at least the next 10 years!


If the youtube video is blocked in your region, you may want to try the vimeo version of the video.


RSA SF 2013 from The Cynic on Vimeo.

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  1. c. edward brice
    c. edward brice says:

    I gotta tell you I think you missed out by not bringing Girl Cynic. Can you imagine Girl Cynic calling BS on the show floor? That my friend would have been epic blogging. Entertaining as always.

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